Permanent Projects

Dedicating Renovated Lions Community Center

Our club building was recently renovated with all the latest facilities and utilities. It is now a fully air-conditioned hall having a capacity of around 300 people. With a very big stage, latest lighting and sound systems, it is now one of the best halls available for organizing any kind of events. It is aesthetically designed with the help of professional interior designers. The outer stage is also fully renovated, the ground leveled with a raised compound wall for better privacy. The wall connecting the garden is also removed to give the whole area better ambience and space for people to move freely. On the whole it is the most modern hall in the city. .

Antim Yatra Bus

"Dignity in death is the sentiment behind this permanent project of our club. It was nearly 14 years ago in the year 1997 that our club thought of this novel and meaningful project so that the deceased citizen of the township can embark on the last journey with the same amount of dignity that they enjoyed during their life. This service project has given a great deal of respite to the relatives and other mourners from having to carry the body to the crematorium. This service is extended free of charge by our club. Till date about 5000 bodies have been transported for cremation in this bus.

Refrigerated Morgue

This project is an extension of the previous one Shav Vahini and is of immense help when for various reasons the body of a deceased person cannot be cremated immediately. This morgue can preserve the body for nearly 28 days by keeping the deterioration at bay after rigor mortis sets in. Earlier when the situation demanded that the body be kept for a few hours, especially during summers, the kin of the departed had a tough time dealing with the melting ice slabs and procuring fresh ones. The morgue is an easy to use device and has been frequently used since its launch. We have 4 such morgues for free use by the society.

Garbage Collection Vans

Human habitat inevitably means littering of waste in its surrounding. And garbage disposal becomes a pressing need. The local municipalities can only do so much and no more, so Lions Club of Gandhidham took up the challenge of keeping the city clean. Four Garbage collection vans were introduced with the help of sponsors almost ten years back to collect the garbage from particular localities. This two-pronged project helped four unemployed men to earn a living and also relieve the citizens of the piling dirt and the problem of flies and mosquitoes hovering over it. The cycle rickshaws with a cart are pulled by men who go from house to house to collect garbage for a nominal monthly remuneration from each house.

Make City Green

A dwelling looks barren without shrubs. A town looks desolate without trees. A house and a clean city does not necessarily mean a happy citizen so after taking up the "Make city clean" drive the next logical step was to take up "Make City Green" drive. In fact this trend of distributing free sapling procured from the Social Forestry Division to the people of the township has been a longstanding tradition of our club. Since 1980-81, for almost 30 years, this project has been one of our permanent projects. Thanks to the endeavors like these taken by our club the barren desert land of our town has metamorphosed into an oasis of sorts.

Lions Park

When talking about saplings can parks be far behind? The Lions Park, adjacent to our Lions Community center has been a long cherished dream come true for our club. A safe recreational haven for children also doubles up as a place to unwind for the parents and general public yearning for a whiff of fresh and fragrant cool breeze. A place to relax and take a breather from running on the jogging tracks. Amidst the green trees and flowers of different hues, home to a host of chirping birds, ones spirits are bound to be elevated by the serene surroundings. For regular maintenance and watering of the plants two gardeners are appointed by the club. So near and yet so far away from the hustle and bustle of a frenzied life.

Lions Nagar

Lions Club of Gandhidham recognizes the needs of the deceased but the needs of the living are far more real and urgent. Death demands only a little space but life needs a lot of it to grow and move about freely. Hence the need for a shelter arises. A number of people of the township were rendered homeless in the wake of the enormous earthquake, which shook Kutch and its neighboring districts eleven years back. With the aid extended by LCIF to our club for providing shelter to 50 families. We have a well organised Lions Nagar in Adipur.

Tricycle Distribution

Throughout the four decades of incessant, unceasing exemplary services to the people of the township, the one permanent project which is called out every year - throughout these years is tricycle distribution. Many handicapped needy people are benefited from this project.

Navratri Celebration

This major fund raising event has been a permanent feature of our club for the past 13 years and is very popular with the masses. Adjudged the best Navratri in town by AlfaT V Gujarati Channel, the nine nights of revelry and rituals earn a handsome amount of funds. These are duly spent on developing and upkeep of the Lions Park and other socila activities.

Eye and Body Pledge Center

Our Eyes live even after our death. We can light the life of 2 blind persons by donating our eyes after our death and it is the noblest of all deeds to spread light in the lives of the blind. There are around 15 million blind people in India. We, the Lions of Gandhidham have started a centre in our club office where people can pledge their eyes which can be used after their death. Moving a step further they can also pledge their body, which is of great utility for students of medicine.

Blood Donation Camps

As you know, blood is a life saving medicine, which works wonders in certain medical treatments, and life threatening situations. It is an emergency medicine. Our society is today threatened by scarcity of blood. The only source of blood right now is human being. Blood donation gives a proud feeling of touching someone’s life in such a beautiful way. It’s an experience that no words can define. You have to donate blood yourself to find out. By keeping the blood line flowing, you will greatly contribute towards a healthier, happier society. We, the Lions of Gandhidham have been regularly organizing Blood Donation Camps and collecting blood from voluntary donors with the help of IMA Blood Bank since so many years.

Help to Kidney Dialysis

When the kidneys do not function properly, dialysis must be performed artificially. Without this artificial kidney dialysis, toxic wastes build up in the blood and tissues, and cannot be filtered out by the ailing kidneys. This condition is known as uremia, which means literally "urine in the blood." Eventually this waste build-up leads to death. There are many patients suffering from Kidney problems and need regular Dialysis. Lions club of Gandhidham has started this new permanent project where we adopt such patients and bear the dialysis expenses at Jivatram Mangnani Hospital, Adipur.

Walker Distribution Center

Walking aids are helpful for patients who have chronic problems, including hip and knee arthritis, as well as those who have acute injuries, such as ankle sprains and leg fractures. A walker is the most supportive walking aid and is an excellent option for patients with poor balance or less upper body strength. We provide walkers to such needy patients at our club.