District Dignitaries

MJF Lion Hitesh Ganatra
District Governor

Lion Hitesh Ganatra Born on 09th July, 1967.

He Joined Lionism in 2006. He is member of Lions Club Of Rajkot Main. He was a president of Lions Club of Rajkot Main in Year 2010-11.

Since 2011-12 he served the District in various Capacities like zone chairperson in year 2011-12, District PRO in year 2012-13 and also as a Cabinate Secretary in year 2013-14.

He Married with Lion Harsha Ganatra and have been blessed with a son.

He is engaged in Petroleum Business and works hard with good though - "Every thing is easy,When you are Busy ,Nothing is Easy, When you are Lazzy"

MJF Lion Chandrakant Daftary
1st Vice District Governor

MJF Lion Chandrakant Daftary Born on 20th Aug, 1951.

He Joined Lionism in 1991. He is member of Lions Club Of Morbi Nazarbaug.

He Married with Lion Lata Daftary.

He is engaged in Contrustion Business.

Lion Kamlesh Shah
Immediate Past District Governer

Born in Bhavnagar (Saurashtra) on 8th August, 1969. With the blessings of his mother Bhanuben and his late father Pravinchandra, he joined lionism in 1991 as a leo. After years he joined Lions Club of Bhavnagar (City) in 2000 and he is the founder member of his club.Since 2000, he is the most active member in lionism. In the year 2004-05, he was selected as a president of his home club. In various years, he was appointed as a district chairperson also. The year 2011-12 was memorable year for him while he was region chairperson (RC). He started his own business of ready made garments, In the year 1998, he started another business of telecommunication as a service provider of land line telephone. Nowadays he is associated with multiple businesses like real estate, land developers as well as construction also. His carrier objective is to touch of the limit of sky.

He is happily married to Falguni Parekh on 12th July 1991 and she is also a member of the same club. He has been blessed with two children, His daughter Riddhi is married to Gaurav Shah and settled in Bhavnagar and his son Devansh is studying in 10th standard in Bhavnagar.