Club Dignitaries

MJF Lion Sanjay Arjandas Jagasia
Club President

Born on 30th, Apr 1969. MJF Lion Sanjay Arjandas Jagasia is engaged from past many years in Movie Theater Business at Adipur.

MJF Lion Sanjay Arjandas Jagasia, Married to Lion Vinisha Jagasia

Both Blessed with one daughters and one son





MJF Lion Lalit Dhalwani
Club Secretary

Born on 24th, Nov 1987. MJF Lion Lalit Dhalwani is Director in Wimpex Automotive.

MJF Lion Lalit Dhalwani, Married to Maisha Dalwani






Lion Deepak Acharya
Club Treasurer

Lion Deepak Acharya is a Professional Chartered Accountant

Lion Deepak Acharya, Married to Lion Dimple Acharya






Lion Vinod Menghani
Immediate Past President

Born on 16th, Sept 1975. Lion Vinod Menghani is in Insurance Business at Gandhidham.

Lion Vinod Menghani, Married to Lata Menghani

Both Blessed with two daughters





Lion Vishal R. Duneja
1st Vice President

Born on 11th, December 1973. Lion Vishal R. Duneja is engaged Business of Shipping And Trading at Gandhidham.

Lion Vishal R. Duneja, Married to Pooja V. Duneja. They are blessed with a Son Dhruvansh, and a Daughter Kyra.






Lion Mit S. Suchday
2nd Vice President

Born on 21st, March 1970. Lion Mit S. Suchday is Business Man and engaged in Petroleum Business at Gandhidham.

Lion Mit S. Suchday, Married to Lion Anju M. Suchday.









Lion Richa Dayaramani
3rd Vice President


Lion Murli H Gehani
4th Vice President


Lion Hemant Bhatt
GST ChairPerson


Lion Rahul D. Vala
Joint Secretary


Lion Rohit Anam
Joint Treasurer


Lion Mukesh Belani


Lion Madhvi Chainani
Tail Twister


Lion Harichand Tharwani
Leo Advisor


Lion Yaman R. Duneja
IT Co-Ordinator


Lion Gyanchand Singhvi
Internal Auditor